The by-laws are listed by subject.

The site is updated periodically, but always check with the administrative clerk to find out if there are new amendments in force.


Civil Safety


Animal Control (French only)

By-law 615-2021
Document PDF de 832.9 kb

Entente portant sur l’établissement d’une cour municipale commune (French only)

Règlement 153-1992
Document PDF de 707.8 kb

Establishing of a First Responders Service Within the Municipality of Morin-Heights Fire Safety Department

By-law 380-2004
Document PDF de 321 kb

Establishing of the Municipality of Morin-Heights Fire Safety Department

By-law 379-2004
Document PDF de 326.1 kb

Fire Prevention (French only)

By-law 531-2015
Document PDF de 985.4 kb

Material Prejudice

By-law 504-2013
Document PDF de 31.6 kb

SQ - Circulation, stationnement, paix et bon ordre (French only)

Règlement SQ-2019
(Modifié le 15 novembre 2022)
Document PDF de 1.2 Mb

Truck and Heavy Vehicle Traffic (French only)

By-law 370-2003
Document PDF de 729.6 kb



Codification administrative - Relatif aux matières résiduelles, leur collecte et disposition (French only)

Règlement 389-2019 - GMR
Document PDF de 681.5 kb

Drinking Water

By-law 649-2022
Document PDF de 714.4 kb

Environment Advisory Committee

By-law 567-2019
Document PDF de 709.4 kb

Financial Reserve for Waste Management

By-law 593-2020
Document PDF de 635.6 kb

Gestion des cours d’eau dans la MRC (French only)

Règlement MRC 259-2912
Document PDF de 216.9 kb

Pesticides and Fertilizers

By-law 657-2023
Document PDF de 657.3 kb

Septic tanks and the retention of private wastewater treatment systems (French only)

By-law 616-2021
Document PDF de 1 Mb

Finances and Administration


Contract Management (French only)

By-law 571-2019
Document PDF de 1002.3 kb

Ethics and Good Conduct of Elected Representatives

By-law 628-2021
Document PDF de 660 kb

Financial Administration (French only)

By-law 577-2019
Document PDF de 935.5 kb

Municipal Employee Code of Ethics (French only)

By-law 496-2012
Document PDF de 594.5 kb

Real Estate Transfers

By-law 659-2023
Document PDF de 622.7 kb

Taxes, Tariffs, Service and Compensation Fees for the 2023 Financial Year (French only)

By-law 653-2022
Document PDF de 1.1 Mb

Working Fund

By-law 586-2019
Document PDF de 842.6 kb

General Management


Acquisition of Lots 3 736 572, 3 923 313, 3 737 105, 4 474 782, 3 735 925 and 3 735 850 (loan)

By-law 660-2023
Document PDF de 805 kb

Exercise of the right of first refusal on an immovable in the territory

By-law 640-2022
Document PDF de 635.4 kb

Municipality’s Bilingual Character

By-law 623-2021
Document PDF de 861.1 kb

Rules Governing Council Sittings

By-law 564-2018
Document PDF de 547.8 kb

Terms of Publishing Public Notices

By-law 619-2021
Document PDF de 838.9 kb

Public Works and Infrastructures


Financial Reserves for the Management and Maintenance of the Lac Peter Dam

By-law 621-2021
Document PDF de 566.2 kb

Financing for 2020, 2021 and 2022 Roadwork (loan)

By-law 594-2020
Document PDF de 874.7 kb

Financing for 2022 and 2023 Roadwork (loan)

By-law 630-2022
Document PDF de 1004.2 kb

Financing for the Acquisition and Installation of Outdoor Urban Furniture (loan)

By-law 651-2022
Document PDF de 813.8 kb

Financing for the acquisition of vehicles, maintenance work and the decree (loan)

By-law 633-2022
Document PDF de 840 kb

Financing for the Extension of the Beaulieu Drinking Water Distribution Network (loan)

By-law 603-2020
Document PDF de 453.3 kb

Financing for the Purchase of a Generator and Other Additional Work (loan)

By-law 599-2020
Document PDF de 716.6 kb

Financing for the Repairs to a Section of Watchorn Road (loan)

By-law 592-2020
Document PDF de 852 kb

Financing for the Roadwork for the Construction of an Access Road for Lot 3 736 911 (loan)

By-law 617-2021
Document PDF de 830.2 kb

Financing for the Upgrading Work on the Lac Peter Dam (loan)

By-law 618-2021
Document PDF de 1.5 Mb

Financing of the upgrading of the Beaulieu drinking water distribution network (loan)

Draft by-law 639-2022
Document PDF de 1013.1 kb

Quarries and Sandpits

By-law 458-2008
Document PDF de 368.9 kb

Snow Removal

By-law 569-2019
Document PDF de 812.5 kb

Recreation, Culture and Community Life


Town Planning


Animal Control (French only)

By-law 615-2021
Document PDF de 832.9 kb

Cleanliness, Maintenance and Building Occupancy

By-law 632-2022
Document PDF de 1.1 Mb

Demolition of Immovables

By-law 634-2022
Document PDF de 681.9 kb


Règlement 583-2019
Document PDF de 1002.2 kb


By-law 332-2002
Document PDF de 442 kb

Sécurité des piscines résidentielles (French only)

Règlement provincial
Document PDF de 7.4 Mb

Septic tanks and the retention of private wastewater treatment systems (French only)

By-law 616-2021
Document PDF de 1 Mb

Summary of Town Planning By-laws

Adopted on December 14, 2022
Document PDF de 178 kb

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