The Environmental Advisory Committee

The Municipality of Morin-Heights’ Environmental advisory committee (EAC or CCE) was formed in the summer of 2019. Although not legally required, its role is essential within our municipality.

The EAC provides the Municipal Council with its recommendations regarding various matters pertaining to the environment.

This committee is comprised of six members, four of which are citizens, one elected official and one administrator. The present members of the committee are Carole Paradis (president), Gilles Saulnier, Kim Marineau, Catherine Audette, Daniel Lajoie, as well as Jennifer Durand (secretary).

The EAC has prepared an « Environmental and Transitional Policy ». This policy is progressive and will be adapted to our realities. It also proposes action plans in order to implement concrete measures.

The EAC will be called upon to provide its opinion on various very important matters regarding the quality of life of all of the citizens of Morin-Heights, such as: the preservation of biodiversity, the protection of lakes and rivers, the reduction of air, noise and light pollution, the development of the Municipality’s environmental potential, waste management and greenhouse gas emissions.

At times, the EAC will share information and consult all the citizens of Morin-Heights.
This environmental and transitional policy, as well as municipal and collective interventions, will allow for Morin-Heights to remain a front-runner in one of the best places to live in Quebec.

« In harmony with nature ! »


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