Direction générale


Alcool et Cannabis / Alcohol and cannabis (French only)

Janvier 2019
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Code of ethics - Elected municipal representatives

By-law 550-2017
Document PDF de 266.7 kb

Morin-Heights Action Plan - MADA Consultation

Document PDF de 116.6 kb

Plan d’action de la MRC (démarche - MADA)

Document PDF de 63.6 kb



Gestion des cours d’eau (MRC)

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Finances and Administration


Harcèlement / Harassment (French only)

Janvier 2019
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Politique d’achat / Purchasing policy (French only)

(publié le 10 janvier 2022)
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Fire Safety


Dry hydrants (French only)

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Public Works and Infrastructures


Accident prevention program

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Aqueducs privés/Private waterworks

Politique municipale
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Objects on the road (French only)

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Policy on backfill surplus (French only)

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Private water conduits (French only)

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Recreation, Culture and Community Life


Family & Seniors Policy

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Library Policy

Document PDF de 223.9 kb

Policy Governing the Use of Municipal Facilities

Document PDF de 306.7 kb

Politique familiale - Remboursement pour activité sportive (French only)

Hockey, patin/skating, baseball, natation/swimming
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Politique relative au fonds d’appui aux organismes de la municipalité

Document PDF de 24.8 kb

Town Planning


Infrastructure construction Policy (French only)

(Nov. 2008)
Document PDF de 849.9 kb

Municipalization of infrastructures

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The Town Hall is opened from
Monday to Thursday
8:30 to 12:00 and from
12:45 to 16:30, and Friday
from 8:30 to 12:00

567, chemin du Village
Morin-Heights (Québec)
J0R 1H0

Telephone : 450 226-3232
Fax : 450 226-8786