Town Planning


The Town Planning Department

The Town Planning Department is the doorway to the Engineering and Design Department for citizens and businesses, which are monitoring projects in Morin-Heights.


Regulation & Permits

Citizens are responsible to find out if any a project they wish to undertake is in line with the current regulation and if they require a permit.


Real Estate Projects

Here is a list of the main local real estate projects (updated May 2021):

Allen Falls
Invesco Habitation
Rue Allen, at the intersection of Chemin du Village (Route 329)

Le Balmoral
Invesco Habitation
Rue Doral

Blue Ridge
Invesco Habitation
Rue du Panorama, at the intersection of Chemin de Blue Hills

Domaine Carver
Les Constructions Lafco
Rue Carver and Rue Carver Hill, at the intersection of Chemin du Village

Le Lac Hendrix
Invesco Habitation
Intersection Chemin de Salzbourg, from Route 329

Le Lac Rustique
Invesco Habitation
Chemin Rustique, from Chemin du Lac-Bouchette

Le Plateau
Invesco Habitation
Rue du Plateau, at the intersection of Chemin de Blue Hills

La Réserve Morin-Heights
Immobilier Marcil
Chemin de Tourtour, at the intersection of Route 364

Sommet Kicking Horse
Invesco Habitation
Montée Kicking Horse, at the intersection of Rue Bennett


Minor Derogation Request

Obtaining a minor derogation allows the legalisation of a situation where the application of zoning and/or parcelling regulations causes a serious prejudice to the applicant.


Temporary Winter Shelters

Dates to have a temporary shelter up

Installation :

  • Of the structure : October 1st
  • Of the cover: October 15th


  • Removal of the cover : May 1st
  • Of the structure : May 15th
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