Claims and civil remedies

Claims and civil remedies

How to claim damages
You are claiming having suffered damages following an incident for which you wish to claim from the Municipality? You must advise the Municipality’s Director General in writing of your intention to file a suit, indicating details of the claim, the date and place of the event as well as your contact information. Without this complete written request, the Municipality is not legally responsible for damages for this accident.

In the case of a claim for material damages to the movable or immovable property, a similar notice has to be given to the Director General of the Municipality within fifteen days of the accident. Without this written request, the Municipality is not obligated to pay for damages for this accident.

Where to address your claim?

Municipality of Morin-Heights
c/o Director General
567 Village Road
Morin-Heights (Quebec) J0R 1H0
Telephone: 450 226-3232
Fax: 450 226-8786

Processing the claim
Upon reception of your claim, the administration will investigate and contact the applicant. If you have an insurance contract protecting your assets, you must also fill out a claim with your insurance company.

Damages as regards to Public Works (Art 725 CMQ)

The Municipality is not responsible for:

Warning: Please refer to the legal text regarding Loi sur les Compétences Municipales (L.R.Q.,c. C-47.1) et du Code Municipal du Québec (L.R.Q.,c. C-27.1)

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