Citizen Card

We invite you to get your citizen card now. This free card, valid for one year, will allow you to identify yourself as a citizen of Morin-Heights and will, among other things, give you access to some free services and/or preferential rates, for example:

• To obtain resident pricing for classes, gym sports and various activities ;

• To provide you with free access to the outdoor tennis and pickleball courts as well as to the snowshoe and fatbike trails in winter ;

• To give you access to Lummis Park ;

• To facilitate access to municipal events and the future sports complex ;

• etc.

How to get it:

Online or by phone only, there is no on-site registration at this particular time. Do not come to the Chalet Bellevue for assistance, but call us at 450 226-3232, ext. 132, seven days a week from 9:00 to 16:00. You can then pick up your card at the Chalet Bellevue’s main entrance.

• When moving away, it is the responsibility of the citizen cardholder, to notify the Municipality of any change of address by email or phone at the Chalet Bellevue.

• The expiration date is located on the back of the card. If the card has expired, it is important to keep it, as a sticker with the new expiration date will be affixed to the back of the card.

• At the time of renewal, the presentation of the card is manda­tory, or a replacement fee of $5 will be charged.

Information: 450 226-3232, ext. 132 or

Please note that you will need to present a valid proof of residence to take possession of your citizen card, see document below for accepted documents.


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