Water saving Ecofitt Kit

Saving water one house at a time

(30 kits available , 10$ each)
as offered on Environment & Family Day

This promotional water saving kit contains:

Earth Massage Showerhead
(1.5 GPM) Powerful two-setting massage spray showerhead that does not sacrifice performance for efficiency. (Item #N2915N)

Kitchen Swivel Aerator
(1.5 GPM) Dual-spray functionality meets efficiency in this swivel aerator, including wide-spray radius and water-pausing on/off valve, perfect for washing dishes.(Item #N3115V-FC)

(2) Bathroom Aerators
(1.0 GPM) Half the flow, twice the power. Commercial-grade aerators for the home.(Item #N3210N)

Toilet Water Saver (Fill Cycle Diverter)
A patented fast and easy water saver, this product takes excess water from the bowl and diverts it to the tank to reduce water consumption. (This is NOT a flow-restricting device.) (Item #N3164)

Toilet Leak Detection Tablets
Detects leaks in large or small toilets – darker color for easier detection. Kit bag doubles as flow meter bag to identify water wasters throughout the home. (Item #N3141)

Water Conservation Wheel
A convenient tool to give users helpful tips on ways to conserve water every day.(Item #N9116)

Big savings with water-efficient devices!


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