Supporting bird migration during springtime

Spring migration is here! Have you noticed recently that the sky is full of birds?

Birds have begun their spring migration, and, on this journey, they will fly over many cities, the countryside, land, water, and urbanized areas. But as birds migrate through our urbanized areas, there lies an invisible danger all around it – our windows.

Birds’ eyes are located on the sides of their heads, which gives them a wide-angle vision. However, due to the location of their eyes, they can see through the opposite side of our windows and believe they can fly right through. Also, due to the reflection of the surrounding trees in the glass, our windows can also be mistaken as a new forest area to explore.

How can we help make our windows bird-safe?

• Adding stickers on the glass will help signal to birds that there is something in the way;

• Adding curtains or blinds make windows visible to birds;

• Closing our curtains at night and switching the lights off also prevents nocturnal birds from striking the glass;

If a bird hits your window and is lying motionless on the ground, it is still, in some cases, possible to help the bird as it may not be dead but purely startled. Try placing the bird in a dark box for an hour or so, and it may recover enough to continue its journey back into the world!


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