Disposable Protective Masks

The CNESST now requires employees in certain workplaces to wear exclusively disposable protective masks of the surgical or procedural type in order to protect themselves and others against the COVID-19 virus.

These masks, in order to be effective, must be changed at least once a day and certain professions require that they be changed several times a day in order to be efficient.

This obviously brings out an environmental problem and the Municipality is proud to provide a solution by providing its employees, members of the administration and its citizens with boxes that can collect disposable masks.

These boxes, called ’’Zero Waste Box’’ come from the company TerraCycle and will be located, starting Monday morning October 5, at the following locations:
* Town Hall
* Chalet Bellevue
* Municipal Garage

The items accepted are, exclusively:
* Dust masks (surgical/procedure)
* Nitrile and latex gloves
* Beard and hairnets
* Earplugs
* Safety glasses
No other item can be deposited.

Let’s protect each other while protecting the environment!


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