Le Flocon d’Or Rally

This winter, enjoy the great outdoors and live an experience that will transport you to a parallel world where you will have to put on your adventurer boots!

Legend has it that only once every 100 years does an extremely rare eight-pointed golden snowflake fall from the sky. According to the research of the great adventurer Strombolini, the golden snowflake will only appear to those who prove to the forest guardians that they possess and master the eight essential values of a good adventurer!

Think you’re up to the task? Get ready to complete a GPS rally filled with challenges, riddles, and games.

Be aware, you will have 80 minutes before the snowflake disappears for another 100 years!

* WHEN: January 13 to March 13
* WHERE: On a snowshoe trail in our outdoor network, starting at Basler Park
* FOR WHO: Families with children between the ages of 7 and 12
* DURATION: 60 to 80 minutes
* NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY: Free access at your convenience. For an experience full of surprises, we recommend keeping your distance from other families!
* YOU WILL NEED: a cell phone and your snowshoes!

Additional information or questions: chalet.bellevue@morinheights.com or 450-226-3232, ext. 132


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