A brand new citizen portal!

We are pleased and proud to launch your new citizen portal today! This online portal is a municipal communication tool and, above all, a platform for active citizen participation.

You can now access the "Major Projects" section, where you’ll find objectives, phases, plans and timetables for the main projects we’re currently working on. There’s also a "Surveys" section, so we can accurately measure your satisfaction and suggestions and adjust to them efficiently.

We invite you to complete the survey available now on your appreciation of municipal services. This winter, a consultation survey on the potential uses of the Castel Marie property will be accessible on the portal.

This new bilingual digital tool can also be used to share various municipal notices; it’s up to you to choose the categories that matter to you, such as snow removal, waterworks, roadworks, municipal council, employment, recreation and, of course, emergencies. What’s more, you’ll be able to report various possible situations on the territory, including breakages or vandalism, a problem on the road or the water system, a dangerous tree, etc.

The citizen portal offers a range of online services, and over time, we aim to turn it into a centralized hub for citizen services and structuring exchanges.



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