2021 Elections

Notice to all owners, co-owners, co-occupants “non-domiciled” in Morin-Heights

Non-domiciled property owners must register on the electoral list to exercise their right to vote by filling out the document below.

Please consult the document REVISION OF THE ELECTORAL LIST / VOTING BY MAIL for all details pertaing to voting by mail.

For additional information, call 450 226-3232 extension 118.


Document list


Addendum regarding voting by mail

(published on October 5th, 2021)
Document PDF de 702.3 kb

Avis d’élection / Notice of election

Document PDF de 214.3 kb

Demande d’inscription / Request for listing

Document PDF de 185.1 kb

Description postes élections 2021 (French only)

Document PDF de 192.1 kb

Guide for municipal council candidates

(published on September 17th, 2021)
Document PDF de 3.7 Mb

Notice to personnel regarding partisan activities

(published on September 17th, 2021)
Document PDF de 313.3 kb

Public notice of poll to electors entered on the list

(published on October 21st, 2021)
Document PDF de 904.2 kb

Public notice to building owners and occupants of a business establishment

(published on September 17th, 2021)
Document PDF de 195.8 kb

Revision of the electoral list / Voting by mail

(published on October 7th, 2021)
Document PDF de 225.1 kb

The Town Hall is opened from
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12:45 to 16:30, and Friday
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